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Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney

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Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney

November 18th, 2007 · 50 Comments

‘This Week’s’ George Stephanopoulos Sits Down with Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and His Wife



Feb. 18, 2007


The following was taken liberally from a transcript of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, and Romney’s wife Ann. 



George Stephanopoulos: Governor and Mrs. Romney, thank you very much for joining us.


Mitt Romney: Thank you, good to be here.


Ann Romney:  (smiles and nods)


George Stephanopoulos:  As you know, your faith is going to be a big part, at least in the beginning of this campaign. 

How does your faith inform your politics?



Mitt Romney:  The answer the American people want to hear is, “I think the principles of all faiths have, as their foundation, the idea that there is a supreme being, that this supreme being is a heavenly father, and that all the people in our country and in all countries are sons and daughters of the same supreme being.” 

That was it right?


(turns to Mrs. Romney)


Do you see what I did there?  Non-Mormons want to hear something generic and banal about Mormonism.  It puts them at ease but LDS want to think I’m a good Mormon so I threw in code words like “heavenly father”.  Whoever said I can’t have my cake and eat it too can suck it. 

Ann Romney: (smiles and nods)



George Stephanopoulos:  Right.  But your Mormon faith has been a big part of your life. You were a bishop in the church. You were president of the Boston Area Parishes.  You spent more than two years in France as a missionary and described it as a watershed experience.

How so? 

Mitt Romney:  Oh, I see what you’re getting at.  I grew up and became a man when I was a missionary. 

I grew up in a very pampered home with great advantages.  You know, I was basically born with a silver, possibly gold, spoon in my mouth.  When I moved to France to be a missionary, I realized that not everyone is the rich handsome son of the Governor of Michigan. 


George Stephanopoulos:   It can’t have been easy to try to convert people in the Catholic…


Mitt Romney:  It’s real hard being a missionary in France.  I did a lot of what we call “missionary dating”.  Those French Jezebels though, all they were interested in was “French kissing”.  I went through a lot of chap-stick trying to reach those ladies for the church.



George Stephanopoulos:  While he was gone, you actually converted to Mormonism back here in the United States—you were Episcopal, I believe.


Mitt Romney:  She was Episcopal, but she went to church about once a year.


Ann Romney: (smiles and nods)




George Stephanopoulos:  So what was the biggest leap of faith for you, Mrs. Romney?


Mitt Romney:  There was no huge leap of faith for my wife at all.  When I left for France, she studied it on her own. 

She knew that if she wanted to be with me she would have to be LDS.  It’s like that Spice Girls song, “If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”  Except that in this instance it was, “If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my church.”  (laughs)



Ann Romney: (smiles and nods)




George Stephanopoulos: You’ve met with a lot of Evangelical Christians who are especially skeptical of the Mormon faith.


What do you say to them?


Mitt Romney:  Well, you know, it’s really quite easy, because it’s either me or Rudy Giuliani.  All I have to do is remind Evangelicals that although they consider my religion a cult, Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice and pro-gay. 


George Stephanopoulos:  Okay, let’s move on to talk briefly about your political journey. You were an Independent, registered Independent in the 1980s and now you describe yourself as a Reagan Republican.  Describe the journey.


Mitt Romney:  Well, I have a number of deeply held beliefs. It just so happens that sometimes these deeply held beliefs change.  I realize that sometimes these changes appear to be motivated by the political climate but I assure you they are not. 

Admittedly, in the 1980s I was an Independent but I have since change my ways and now I’m a staunch Republican.  A Reagan Republican…not because invoking the holy name of Ronald Reagan is the way to gain Republican voters in the primary, but because I want to continue the work that Ronald Reagan began when he took office in 1981. 

George Stephanopoulos:  You’ll be his number one character witness on the campaign trail.


How do you convince voters that some of these changes are sincere, coming from conviction?


Mitt Romney:  (to Ann) Go ahead.


Ann Romney: (smiles and nods) Well, I’ve been with him for a long time now. I’ve known him since he was 18 years old and I’m sealed to him for the rest of eternity.  I know his heart.  I know the goodness of him. 

It’s a sacrifice, what we’re doing right now. It’s not an easy thing.  It was not an easy decision to come here and to make the decision to run.


It’s put…it’s…$%^*& $%^&* &^@!!!…I fudged that last… (pulls cue cards from pocket)


It’s put a strain on lots of different points in our lives and it would be a lot easier not to run.


But in my heart of hearts, I know he’s the best person. Say with conviction. 

Oh $%^&*, I wasn’t supposed to say that last part out loud. 

Mitt Romney:  Good job, dear.


Ann Romney: (smiles and nods)




George Stephanopoulos:  Okay then, thank you both very much.


Mitt Romney:  Thanks, George, good to be with you.


Ann Romney: (smiles and nods)

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